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R-Square Publication is a Premium Self-Publishing Enterprise, started with the blessing of Mahadev Shiv by a journalist in the making - Miss Reet Sharma.

Founded in 2020, R-Square Publication Publishers is an independent traditional small press publishing new and classic texts for all ages to learn and enjoy. Our current offerings include fiction and non-fiction titles in various genres, including Entrance Examinations, Academic, Action and Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Biography, Western, Science Fiction and Historical Texts.

R-Square Publication is a rapidly growing enterprise that focuses on delivering exceptional content created by talented authors.

Please take your time and browse all of our new release books, best sellers, and genres. Most of all, please check out our talent section and learn more about our authors and preferred narrators. We are confident you will find something you like, but if you are looking for something else, please let us know!

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