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Bandana Gupta, B. Tech (IIT Kharagpur) - comes from a financially weak and hardly literate family in a small town which is just like a hamlet named Debagarh in Odisha (Bharat). She prepared through Self Study by borrowing books from her peer group and in 1995, she became the legend in Debagarh as she was first person from Debagarh to clear IITJEE.

After finishing B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, instead of heading to USA like all her batch mates, she opted to help those who were aspiring to be IlTians.

With this goal she joined Education Industry, but during these two decades serving students and the society, she was not satisfied with reaching only thousands hence decided to write books to allow millions to benefit.

Keeping this in mind, she has come up with this book on Algebra. Books on Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry and Trigonometry are in pipeline and will be out soon.

There are plenty of books already available in the market which are either

  1. Mathematics Text Books - written for 12th & B.Sc Classes. These books are aimed to develop basic concepts. As target of these books are School Boards or University Examinations, the difficulty level and nature of these books are irrelevant to JEE Main / Advanced and other Engineering Entrance Examinations.
  2. Text Books by Foreign Authors - have excellent printing and more better presentation but a text book is a text book, hence theory is applied and questions are not useful for JEE Main / Advanced and other Engineering Entrance Examinations. A Graphic Calculator or Advanced Graphic Software in his/her PC - still a rare of Indian Students do have, is a must to learn the concepts by these books.
  3. Guide Books - having a list of Formulae, Large Number of Subjective and Small Number of Objective Problems
  4. MCQ aka Objective Problems Books - Solved and Unsolved objective problems but very little or no theory. These books are nothing but just a collection of mixed MCQ on every topic. These books are not bothered about concept wise categorization or difficulty level gradation of problems. As the name MCQ suggest, you need a subjective text book too simultaneously.

Keeping these things in mind, I have brought this book to you. This is the first book of a four Volume Set, targeted at Students preparing for JEE Main / Advanced and other Engineering Entrance Examinations.The Volume 1 is Algebra whereas Volume 2 is calculus, Volume 3 Coordinate Geometry and Volume 4 is Trigonometry. Every Chapter has synopsis which contains definitions and formulae required for solving problems. You are advised to understand them thoroughly before going thorough solved problems section.

I have provided a wide range of questions which are solved.

At the end of this volume, an assignment for Self Assessment is provided.

This book is prepared according to JEE Advanced syllabus and latest Examination pattern and apart from synopsis have seven types of solved problems

  1. Objective Problems with one or more correct Answers
  2. Subjective Problems
  3. Assignment Objective
  4. Assertion & Reasons
  5. Comprehensions
  6. Integer Matching
  7. Matrix Match

Most of the subjective problems are rephrased as integer matching or objective problems. The easy and routine steps are omitted to provide short and crisp solutions. The solved questions include questions from IIT-JEE/JEE-Advanced and AIEEE/JEE-Main. I have tried my best to provide you an error free book, but if you feel that there is some typographic error, please send a mail to me at bandana@r2.lc I will be pleased to send you the clarification. All suggestions for improvement of the book from the teachers as well as students are most welcome at same E-Mail address.

You can ask any doubt too through WhatsApp at +919951829518

I wish you the Best for your performance.

- Bandana Gupta