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You can review our publishing plans and choose the plan that best suits your requirements. To get an accurate estimate for existing plans, please provide us with your book details by completing the form here. You can also create your own custom plan here. We only charge for the services you opt for and publishing the book through our print-on-demand self-publishing platform and other international platforms. Inventory management and order fulfilment is our responsibility. In all our guided plans, we do not require the author to purchase a certain minimum number of copies with the first print run. Thereafter, minimum 24 copies is the pre-requisite for B&W paperback books. There is no minimum limit for colored books.

The services mentioned in all the plans are customizable. Depending upon the requirements, we can add or delete a set of services from the plan chosen. Charges mentioned in Bronze and Silver plans are for a book of upto 45000 words or 150 pages. For additional word count, a nominal incremental fee would be added. Another point to note is, GST @ 18% is applicable on the plan charges.

Book BindingPaperbackPaperback
CoverFull ColorFull Color
ISBN AllocationYesYes
Online Sales DashboardYesYes
Author Profit Share100%100%
Profit PayoutMonthlyMonthly
Non-Exclusive AgreementYesYes
Cover DesignDo it YourselfDo it Yourself
Interior DesignDo it YourselfDo it Yourself
Inventory ManagementUnlimitedUnlimited
Author CopiesAt cost priceAt cost price
India Online DistributionYesYes
International DistributionNoYes
Book Sales PageYesYes
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